How Do I use the Same Email For More Than One Family Member?

If you have more than one patient you want to receive emails about from your dental or orthodontic practice, use this workaround to create separate profiles.

  • When entering patient information into the widget, enter the email normally for the first person

  • Fill out the rest of the widget as that patient, then when that profile is complete restart the widget using the "restart" button on the top right of the widget

  • This time, fill out the widget as the next patient, but when entering your email into the designated field, use that email with an added "+something" before the @ sign, like so:

TIP: If a patient wants to use their email for their children, they can keep track of it using this trick.

If their email address is and they want to conduct a consult for a child named Lisa, use the email address

If they have another child named Michael, they can submit another consult using the email address

All email correspondence will go directly to (email servers are programmed to remove the plus (+) sign and everything after). 

  • Continue to fill out the widget as the next person, and so on and so forth with different numbers at the end of your email until you have entered everyone that you need to. 

All the consultation requests, email communication, and treatment plans will go to the original email. 

  • We hope to have an easier solution for this soon, but for now please use this guide, and thank you for using SmileSnap!