How do I Access & Login to My Patient Portal?

This guide shows patients how to gain access, create an account & login to their practice's patient portal

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Steps to Set Up Your Patient Portal

Step 1 - Go to the practice's portal URL 

  • This URL can be accessed in your consultation email 
  • This URL can be accessed through SMS messages that are sent from the practice

Step 2 - Create a password 

  • On the portal login screen, look for the box that says NOTE: If you completed a virtual consultation on our website, please click here to create a password
  • Click on the link to create a password
  • Enter your email address that was used during the virtual consultation
  • Click 'Send me reset password instructions' 
  • Look for the 'Reset password instructions' email in your inbox
  • Click the link labeled 'Change my password' 
  • Enter your new password 
  • Click 'Change my password'