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How Do I Download Patient Pictures to my Computer?

This guide shows you how to download patient photos from your SmileSnap dashboard.

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Downloading patient photos

Steps to download patient's photos to your computer

Step 1 - Navigate to your Consult Requests dashboard

  • Ensure that your filter is cleared.

Step 2 - Scroll to the consultation request of the patient who you would like to download photos from

  • Click the Status button to open the Consultation window.
  • This status button will be colored in accordance with the status of the consult.

Step 3 - In the consultation window, scroll down to the images that you want to download

Step 4 - Click the blue arrow below the thumbnail image of the photo you would like to save to your computer.

  • A HIPAA disclaimer will pop up and ask you to agree to their privacy terms, click 'OK' and the image will be downloaded. You can click on the download on the bottom of your screen to view it larger, to zoom in, and to sort it or save it into another file or program.